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Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Speaker System to Blow a Woman's Clothes OFF

I personally am a massive music FREAK! I can't get enough and that is why I'm always looking for the best of the best, and I think I just found the list topper. These twin speakers cost a total of ($2,000,000) that's a lot of zero's. With a total of 12 units (four dipole sub-woofers, two dipole mid-woofers, four dipole medium-frequency and high-frequency ribbon panels, and two dipole high-fidelity super ribbon panels) these speakers pack quite the punch. sadly to say these speakers are not built quite yet however, their design is quite final, and im sure with any hope these speakers will be built.

Scotch on the Rocks (or a Sphere)

Macallan Ice Ball Machine

Now this is quite the cool device for a scotch lover! have you ever wanted a scotch with ice in it that would evenly distribute its cool temperature, extending the drinkable life span of a scotch, then you may be interested in this ice former. This beautiful device was created by the great people of Macallan and for that I thank you. however, if you wish to purchase a device then you actually wont be able to by the original but instead you will have to ($200) for a copy by japantreadshop.com.