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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Look at the Time

Whats the perfect complement to a great outfit?

A watch

A nice watch is the perfect way to complement you outfit, while making you look more accomplished, as long as it's a nice one.

Help me bring back an old fad that never should have gone out. Please, buy a Rolex pocket watch and follow my lead.

Above is a Audemars Piguet
Above is a 1920 Rolex pocket watch

Looking Like A High Roller (dressing for the interview) part. 4

Gucci Crocodile Attache Briefcase


    When you walk into an office building to go to an interview you need to not just look good, but also prepared. That is why I suggest every business man own an Attache briefcase to keep themselves organized. One of these bad boys will keep your work organized and will add a professional look that even "A Touch of Gray" can't give you. However, since I'm writing a higher end blog I must suggest this beautiful attache briefcase from Gucci. Although like most people, I despise their overly monogrammed trash bags, I happen to love this marvelous briefcase. Priced at about $16,000, this hand made attache case is one of the most expensive briefcases around, understandably since it is made out of crocodile, brown suede, gold and comes with a removable leather dossier.

Looking Snazzy (dressing for the interview) part. 3

      When wearing a suit I say you should always go all out to look your best and be fashionable, and current a few trends have re-entered the fashion world. Items such as pocket squares, scarves, skinny ties, tie bars and business card holders have reared their beautiful heads once again.
      Some of you may be asking,what are the best trends and what vendor sells the highest quality merchandise?
       Well, that what I'm here for, to show you the best, the most expensive and the most fashionable merchandise.

              I must say, my current favorite fad is the pocket square. Many companies make them and the brighter they come most likely the better, especially on a black or dark blue suit. However, I do warn you if you buy a tie and pocket square together do not match them because it will look ridiculous. There are a few companies that make exceptionally fantastic pocket squares. From top to bottom, Bespoke (custom made), Stefano Ricci ($99 to $500), Hermes ($225 to $500), Charvet ($90) and Drakes London ($250).   


Saturday, January 29, 2011

Shoes Shoes Shoes (dressing for the interview) part. 2

     While we all know that suits and their quality are of utmost importance to look great in the business world, but to complete the look you must always have a great pair of shoes. What companies make exceptional fine shoes? Well, here are a few brands

    Shoes by John Lobb, starting at around ($1,100) or ($1,500) for their nicer shoes. From selecting the leather to placing the completed shoe in it's signature yellow box, each pair of John Lobb's is subjected to 190 individual steps during the manufacturing process. 

     Shoes by Salvatore Ferragamo, starting at at around ($300- $4,000). Salvatore Ferragamo dedicated his life to the search for a secret: The shoe that fits well. When he began studying the human anatomy in the united states he found his first clue to the problem, in the distribution of the body's weight over the joint's of the foot. "I discovered- he wrote- that the weight of our bodies when we are standing erect drops straight down on the arch of the foot. He constructed his revolutionary Lasts, which supporting the arch, make's the foot act like a pendulum. 

   Shoes by Berluti, stating at ($700 to upwards of $2,000). Creating a pair of these shoes is a process that encompasses 250 different steps. However, producing a pair of these shoes is a score played with four hands: it carries the craftsman's imprint and the personality of the customer who ordered them. 

The Suit Makes The Man (Dressing for the Interview) part1


When dressing for an interview the suit you wear says more about your personality then you could possibly imagine and that's why you must always wear your best suit.

 Well you may ask whats the best suit companies?

  That's the reason why I decided to do a segment on this completely. Most people believe that D&G and Hugo Boss make the best suits and that you should pay their ridiculous prices for them, but I'm here to tell you that they are just an over priced name. Instead of leading you toward overpriced garbage I'd like to introduce you to six companies that will impress any boss.

Suit's by Brioni starting at ($1,000 to $6,000). These suits are wider in the waist and shoulders, and if you have an obsession with oo7 your in luck because these are the suits he wear's.

Suit's by Canali, from ($1,000). Arm holes and shoulder pads are all crafted right before they are sewn in. This gives the suit a nice sloping shoulder with mobile armholes for everyday use, making it a more comfortable suit to wear.

Suits by Brunello Cucinelli starting at ($1,200). This company actually has a series of body types to choose from when you purchase to tailor it to your body type.

Suits by Ascot Chang ($2,100). Made in Ermenegildo Zegna super 130s worsted wool. Full hand-stitched horsehair canvassing allows our suit to naturally mold to your body while maintaining its shape. Single breast model with lower besom flap pockets.

One of my favorite suit companies is called Isaia they start at around ($900) and they are superb. Isaia  men's suits are handcrafted in Italy, with an inimitable Italian flair for men's fashion. Tailored from the finest materials like superfine wool and luxurious silk suits embody refined, subtle styling. Their Neapolitan cut yields suits with updated traditional styling, Isaia which demonstrates an explicit and exacting attention to detail. Isaia offers men’s suits in popular styles like pinstripe or plaid patterns, with three-button or two-button fronts. Isaia suit's use the finest fabrics in the world and are among the most sought after and recognizable men's suits available to the professional

Friday, January 28, 2011

Buisness Time Starts With Bed Time

 In accordance to my new, Dressing for the Interview segment, I decided that it's important to talk about bed's. Since a good night sleep is such a staple in the diet of getting a new job, I suggest you get a great new bed and mattress just like me. I have recently traded up from my old bed to this new modern platform bed with a fantastic organic latex mattress so there are no harmful chemicals to breath in. The bed cost around (1,500 to 2,000) but where the magic comes in is the mattress and for that you must pick out the one that fits you best.

When In Doubt Go Matt Black

Gemballa   Mirage GT Matt Edition

I actually found this delectable car searching around for my new, dressing for the interview segment this weekend. When I first saw it, I had an  amount of pain rush through my body because my mouth completely fell off. This beauty was built off of the Porsche 980 Carrera GT body, and under the hood this car creates 670 HP and goes 0 to 100km/h in 3.7 seconds. However, I do suggest you completely strip out the electric blue shag from the interior. price not released.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Essence of Persian or Guido

Fenice Milano Fiat 500c La Dolce Vita Gold and Diamonds 200hp

Have you ever really wanted to look like a total Guido or a Persian, and drive down town in a totally disgusting car. 
Well, Fiat may have just made your dream come true with this new Fiat 500c la dolce vita. Costing around ($667,000) this nasty car is decked out with 24K gold just about everywhere. So if for some unlucky reason you get stuck with one of these nasty car's I suggest you send it into (cash for gold) and get whatever little amount of money for it you can.

Do Y'all Like'em BIG

 Do y'all like'em big?
If you do then I think I just found the most astounding television out on the market. Although, this television has not been released yet or given a final price, it's blog worthy just because of it's shear size and the quality of the picture. This super massive 205 inch HD television by Luxio is by far the greatest tv currently imagined and that's why its the best television available. Imagine watching Marlin Brando or the Exorcist on this bodacious television.  

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Quintessential Hipster Accessory


Do you think your a total hipster? well, if you think your a hipster then your probably not, but you may still want to try to be one, so here's a great shoe accessory for a falsified hipster like yourself. It's called a Kick bar and it's a gold or platinum bar filled with around 2 ct.'s of diamonds (in various colors). I must warn you though don't put these on with too much other bling because it will be over powering. Also, be careful while walking because if you loose a diamond (or the whole thing) it will cost you quite a pretty penny with a purchase price of ($30,000).

A Turntable That Will Make Your Head SPIN

Goldmund Turntable

Do you crave great sound no matter what the cost? Well I for one do, and so through my search for great sound quality I actually traveled back in time when music was less portable, and when I emerged from the past this machine is what I found. It's known as a turntable and it plays vinyl records, except this one is a very special turntable. It's actually famous not just for having the highest price tag, but it's also known for having the best sound quality available with the right speakers and head. This amazing product called the Reference II will have only twenty five units made at ($300,000) a pop.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

For Total Nerds

I don't think a introduction is needed for this particular item. What the point is of owning a machine like this, I don't know but if your a Star Wars enthusiast I'm assuming it's a must since I've personally never seen the movie. This Mech Droid, developed and commercially sold by sakakibara-kikai, is the only Mech suit currently on the market. It is equipped with two side turrets which use small pink balls as ammo. Although this may look cool don't expect to go far with its speed at one mile and hour and a starting price of ($350,000).  

The Great Leica S2

Have you ever want an amazing camera with zero compromise, well except for the price?
Then this camera is perfect for you. It's called a Leica S2 and it's one of the most professional cameras around, and it should be for the price ($23,000), just for the body. This camera is not just amazing but it is also water proof, dust proof and has a full metal body so it's very durable. It has a range of four lenses that can be purchased for it, a LEICA SUMMARIT-S 1:2,5/35 mm ASPH. (CS), LEICA SUMMARIT-S 1:2,5/70 mm ASPH. (CS), LEICA APO MACRO SUMMARIT-S 1:2,5/120 mm (CS), LEICA APO ELMAR-S 1:3,5/180 mm (CS, and it's by far the best camera in it's class.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

One Amazing Store

our home 

Whats the best store?

Down in Nashville there is a lot to do but one of the best stores to visit is a little store located at, 12th avenue south, Nashville, tn. It's a great store filled with hand made clothing for both women and men. The store is called Imogene + Willie and it is one of my favorite stores ever. They have a wide range of pricing from a $75 shirt to a $500 pair a jeans that will make any guy look good, not to mention the cool designs for girls. 

If you want to learn a little about them check out this video

Unmatchable Sound at a BETTER Price

Have you ever wanted unmatched sound, incredible volume with zero distortion in a sexy shell?
Well, the Beolab 5 is the speaker for you. A couple of weeks ago I got a chance to check out these sexy speakers. I thought basically they were just over priced speakers at first. However, after sitting down and listening to airplanes, by B.O.B, I realized that these speakers didn't just "say something about you," instead I realized that they are completely worth their ($16,000) price range. They are amazing and I suggest them to anyone looking for speakers and can afford them.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Turn OFF Your Damn Phone

Do people piss you off all the time with their constant calls or texting? Well, here is a great device for you. This is a cellphone signal jammer and it's a must have if your a constant movie goer. Starting at just ($153.00) this will block bluetooth, wifi, and regular cellphone signals up to 30 meters away.

Head Phones and what are the BEST

Do you have a considerable yearning for an amazing sound with absolutely no worry on price?
Well these four head phones are for your consideration. (from left to right) The Sennheiser HD 800, The Grado PS-1000,The Ultrasone Edition 8 and the HE-5 headphones are among the greatest and most advanced listening devices in the world. The He-5 ($600) is by far one of the greatest pair of headphones I have ever used, and it's price makes it the cheapest pair of headphones in the bunch. The use of wood for the outer cups allows the headphones to have zero sound distortion unlike most metal models. the other three starting at ($1,300-1,700) are another viable option for you money spenders.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Speaker System to Blow a Woman's Clothes OFF

I personally am a massive music FREAK! I can't get enough and that is why I'm always looking for the best of the best, and I think I just found the list topper. These twin speakers cost a total of ($2,000,000) that's a lot of zero's. With a total of 12 units (four dipole sub-woofers, two dipole mid-woofers, four dipole medium-frequency and high-frequency ribbon panels, and two dipole high-fidelity super ribbon panels) these speakers pack quite the punch. sadly to say these speakers are not built quite yet however, their design is quite final, and im sure with any hope these speakers will be built.

Scotch on the Rocks (or a Sphere)

Macallan Ice Ball Machine

Now this is quite the cool device for a scotch lover! have you ever wanted a scotch with ice in it that would evenly distribute its cool temperature, extending the drinkable life span of a scotch, then you may be interested in this ice former. This beautiful device was created by the great people of Macallan and for that I thank you. however, if you wish to purchase a device then you actually wont be able to by the original but instead you will have to ($200) for a copy by japantreadshop.com.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Choose Your Poison


Do you LOVE bourbon like I do? well, then I have quite the treat for you. This is a very specific bourbon all from one of the best distilleries in the world (buffalo trace). My personal favorite is the 17 year old eagle rare bourbon, even though i'm under age. If you find yourself looking for one of these tasty delights, then you'll be sad to know they only release a small amount, once per year, at around $75 a pop.   

my favorite recipe is :
It's called a Hawkeye Sour
made of - Bourbon, maple syrup, lemon juice, orange bitters
created by Freemans restaurant 

Watches, Watches, Watches... and great cigars!!

Have you ever looked at your watch and cigar collection and said "I wish I had an overly expensive but incredibly beautiful case to keep them safe?" Well then your in luck! This wardrobe is part of a line of  amazing and beautifully crafted chests to keep your most expensive possessions safe. Buben and Zorweg is dedicated completely to it's products and that is why they cost from ($400-$170,000)