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Monday, March 28, 2011

If Your A Kid Do It Big

do you still have a childhood love for those wonderful deathtraps, know more formally as slip and slides?

well, do I have a product for you. these crazy people are currently unveiling the worlds largest slip and slide. Although, there is no way to purchase this amazing plastic combination you can wait for it to come to a city near you. Everyone once and a while they bring this out and I know your gonna want a try.

Revolutionizing the Long Board Bum Community

Are you interested in the extra strong and extra fast style of the new carbon Board, and dont know where to get one?

Well, if your in the market for one of these super sleek and strong boards your going to Original boards. This sex little thing, is called an apex 37 and it is among the most advanced long boards around. If you prepared to buy one of these bad boys I suggest you splurge and go for extended trucks, bones reds bearings and retro bigzigs. For a perfect set up it'll run you ($400).