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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Bombardier Learjet 85

Riding in style is a dream every man shares; however, flying in style is a dream few can touch. The new, "Bombardier Learjet 85," is the most revolutionary way to fly "In style," and it's perfect for making any friend jealous. This new jet, while keeping the companies traditional robust aerodynamic performance, has created a whole new level of luxury flight. Bombardier says, "the new jet will be larger, faster, and more agile than others in its class. The cabin is roomier and taller than in other Learjet's. An all-composite fuselage provides strength while minimizing weight." The company also includes it's initial wing design, with a 4th generation up grade, to make it more aerodynamic. Bombardier Learjet 85 ($18,250,000 starting)