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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

For Total Nerds

I don't think a introduction is needed for this particular item. What the point is of owning a machine like this, I don't know but if your a Star Wars enthusiast I'm assuming it's a must since I've personally never seen the movie. This Mech Droid, developed and commercially sold by sakakibara-kikai, is the only Mech suit currently on the market. It is equipped with two side turrets which use small pink balls as ammo. Although this may look cool don't expect to go far with its speed at one mile and hour and a starting price of ($350,000).  

The Great Leica S2

Have you ever want an amazing camera with zero compromise, well except for the price?
Then this camera is perfect for you. It's called a Leica S2 and it's one of the most professional cameras around, and it should be for the price ($23,000), just for the body. This camera is not just amazing but it is also water proof, dust proof and has a full metal body so it's very durable. It has a range of four lenses that can be purchased for it, a LEICA SUMMARIT-S 1:2,5/35 mm ASPH. (CS), LEICA SUMMARIT-S 1:2,5/70 mm ASPH. (CS), LEICA APO MACRO SUMMARIT-S 1:2,5/120 mm (CS), LEICA APO ELMAR-S 1:3,5/180 mm (CS, and it's by far the best camera in it's class.