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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Original Hipsterama Iphone Lens

Quattro iPhone 4 Camera Lens System

I'm all for the ubiquitous Facebook party pictures that will resurface years after college on the computer screen of you boss, but enough is enough. Had there been a Quattro iPhone 4 Camera Lens System ($250) on the iPhone 4 (if it existed back then) that wouldn’t have been an issue. Part aluminum case decked out with every possible leather color and pattern (yes, even blue lizard), interchangeable camera lens system, the duralumin system combines Japanese engineering with Italian design. Pick up a bunch of different lenses along with the case and build your portfolio.

Now That's A Juicy Lucy

Williams Sonoma Stuffed Hamburger Press
Are you a lover of burgers and always wanted to get the cheese in the center of the burger?
Well, this little contraption may be your next heart attack causing love. Its Made by William Sonoma and it's priced at about ($12) so it probably doesn't need to be on my blog but I figure it's pretty.