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Monday, May 23, 2011

Guns, Germs & Steal; Wallets

Guns, Germs, & $teal Wallets

Your chosen method of transportation says a lot about your character. Benz doesn’t say the same thing as Bentley and Bentley doesn’t say the same thing as BMW; The same goes for your wallet. Do you want to carry around your hard stolen green with something as generic as a leather billfold, or do you want something a little more... provocative? If you’re willing to walk the line between classic and awesome, Guns, Germs & $teal Wallets are for you. Each handmade wallet is stamped with an iconic rap quote chosen “for their utmost freshness and gangster appeal.” When it comes right down to it, “dolla dolla bills y’all,” “money ain’t a thang” and “I need a dime” look much better than “Ralph Lauren.” With a company motto like “Fuck money. Get bitches.” how could they possibly go wrong? $120