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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Kaws Lightbulb Set

KAWS Lightbulb Set

I have this inherent desire to upgrade everything around me – even if it isn’t exactly necessary. Dishwashers end up supercharged. Cars get spoiled. Offices and closets get Van Goghed. But once I got my spirally, super green CFL bulbs I thought I was done with lightbulb upgrades. Turns out  I was  wrong. KAWS (the artist with the toys that look kind of like Mickey Mouse with the X eyes) teamed up with the Standard Hotel to create lightbulbs with a custom X KAWS style filament in three colors. At around $20 a pop, the 120volt bulbs are definitely pricey, but they’re also the only light bulbs I've ever been excited to buy. $65