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Wednesday, March 9, 2011


According to Wikipedia, Rule 34 is generally thought to originate from “The Rules of the Internet” copy paste. Despite the possibility that Rule 34 came from the larger list, this singular rule is by far the most popular, widespread, and therefore enforced. This can be proven by studying the search results and activity.  
the rule is 
if you can think of it, someone has already made a porn of it… no exceptions.

Bomb It

Are you, or have you ever been a graffiti artist and wanted to learn and see new styles?

This newer film reveals the true beauty of the spray painting world. It essentially is a massive documentary of what street art is, it's emotion and how each country has it's own spin on it. As I'm sure we all know that no style is the same, however, there are many that share similarity's. Well, this fantastic movie by Jon Reiss called Bomb It ($20), can show you all the different styles of the world. Maybe you will introduce a new one to your area.

Perfect for Wikileaks

Zion Eyez HD Video Glasses
The Zion Eyez HD Video Glasses are a perfect example. With 3 hours of battery life, 16GB of HD storage and built-in wifi, they’ll give Tony Hawk AND Ron Jeremy a run for their money. What basically boils down to an HD video camera mounted in a pair of specs has the capability to do so much more because of its social media integration. Download the app for your iDevice and then transfer and upload to YouTube, Facebook, MySpace or whatever social network will inevitably replace all of those once these things come out.


http://blazomania.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/Mark_Zuckerberg_Action_Figure_BlazoMania.jpgDo you hate the facebook Poke button?

From the man who invented Poking, the one pointless button that pisses the hell out of everyone, and can start a war. Here is his new poke-able action figure so you can poke back. This is the man who stopped natural social lives, caused many kids to kill themselves and the general pile of wasted time.
Get revenge for just around ($70)