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Friday, January 21, 2011

Turn OFF Your Damn Phone

Do people piss you off all the time with their constant calls or texting? Well, here is a great device for you. This is a cellphone signal jammer and it's a must have if your a constant movie goer. Starting at just ($153.00) this will block bluetooth, wifi, and regular cellphone signals up to 30 meters away.

Head Phones and what are the BEST

Do you have a considerable yearning for an amazing sound with absolutely no worry on price?
Well these four head phones are for your consideration. (from left to right) The Sennheiser HD 800, The Grado PS-1000,The Ultrasone Edition 8 and the HE-5 headphones are among the greatest and most advanced listening devices in the world. The He-5 ($600) is by far one of the greatest pair of headphones I have ever used, and it's price makes it the cheapest pair of headphones in the bunch. The use of wood for the outer cups allows the headphones to have zero sound distortion unlike most metal models. the other three starting at ($1,300-1,700) are another viable option for you money spenders.