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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Start the Future

The World’s Strongest Beers 

‘t Koelschip, A brewery based in Holland, has just created the worlds highest alcohol containing beer in the world. It's called start the future and it's rumored in order to defeat the past leader they had to add whiskey. Start the Future not surprisingly has to be sipped cautiously – at 120 proof it may burn off your larynx. Since it costs ($40) you may not want to down it too fast.

End of History

The World’s Strongest Beers 

Created by a brewery called Brew Dog This amazing 110 proof beer is now the second strongest beer and the most expensive. Only 12 made and all being the stuffing of an ex-cute little animal, it's exclusivity is what drives it's price all the way up to ($780). The first thing you’d notice about End of History is that it’s served in a bottle tucked inside a dead animal.  Yup, a roadkill koozie.  Named after the work of philosopher Francis Fukuyama, End of History held the title of world’s strongest beer for one week.