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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Looking Snazzy (dressing for the interview) part. 3

      When wearing a suit I say you should always go all out to look your best and be fashionable, and current a few trends have re-entered the fashion world. Items such as pocket squares, scarves, skinny ties, tie bars and business card holders have reared their beautiful heads once again.
      Some of you may be asking,what are the best trends and what vendor sells the highest quality merchandise?
       Well, that what I'm here for, to show you the best, the most expensive and the most fashionable merchandise.

              I must say, my current favorite fad is the pocket square. Many companies make them and the brighter they come most likely the better, especially on a black or dark blue suit. However, I do warn you if you buy a tie and pocket square together do not match them because it will look ridiculous. There are a few companies that make exceptionally fantastic pocket squares. From top to bottom, Bespoke (custom made), Stefano Ricci ($99 to $500), Hermes ($225 to $500), Charvet ($90) and Drakes London ($250).   


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