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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Looking Like A High Roller (dressing for the interview) part. 4

Gucci Crocodile Attache Briefcase


    When you walk into an office building to go to an interview you need to not just look good, but also prepared. That is why I suggest every business man own an Attache briefcase to keep themselves organized. One of these bad boys will keep your work organized and will add a professional look that even "A Touch of Gray" can't give you. However, since I'm writing a higher end blog I must suggest this beautiful attache briefcase from Gucci. Although like most people, I despise their overly monogrammed trash bags, I happen to love this marvelous briefcase. Priced at about $16,000, this hand made attache case is one of the most expensive briefcases around, understandably since it is made out of crocodile, brown suede, gold and comes with a removable leather dossier.

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