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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Biometric Safety


Do you constanly lose your wallet and need to cancel your credit cards?

This carbon fiber, biometric and bluetooth wallet will protect you from ever losing you wallet again. There are three parts to this beauty.

1. Is the internal blue tooth, which if the wallet is 20 to 30 feet from you it will automatically send a message to your phone.

2. If this fails and you lose it, then you have a biometric scanner to stop anyone from opening.

3. The wallet is also formed with either carbon fiber or fiberglass to make it impenetrable, and it should be for the price.

This wallet costs an outrageous price of ($825) from dunhill or its ($299 to $600) as long as you buy straight from the company that builds it and don't spend an extra 200 for branding.

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