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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Investors Wanted

Joystickers Touch Screen Gaming Buttons 
I have a fantastic opportunity for any potential investers. I'm currently sinking some cash into this fantastic idea be cause I think it has a great future. you can donate any amount you want from ($1 to $500). 
Here's a little blurd from there website 
Although the product is simple, the Classic is actually very complex to manufacture. We source unique materials from all over the world to make a button that is small, comfortable to use, sticks securely, and is easily removed from the screen.

Every detail of this product was custom manufactured to our specification - even the spring. The spring used in the Classic is manufactured right here in our home city of Chicago, IL. This custom spring will guarantee many, many hours of uninterrupted game play. We designed it to last.

We took everything we learned about capacitive touch screen sensitivity from designing the Classic and applied it to two other products we're really excited about: the Scribe and the Flow 

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