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Wednesday, March 2, 2011



we are pleased to announce the new collaboration between rough trade and rega the all new rtrp1 turnatble. recently launched the rp1 is the replacement for the p1 and once again we've added the classic rough trade logo
the new rega rp1 turntable, omitting all the usual gimmicks allows rega to concentrate the manufacturing costs on the high quality parts necessary to reproduce records accurately. using a manual speed change rather than an automatic mechanism eliminates speed inconsistencies and reduces wear of the drive belt. the money we save is spent across the design including a new hand assembled rb101 tonearm, precision main bearing, phenolic resin platter and a high quality low vibration motor which would normally be used on a turntable costing two or three times the amount. the minimalist design of the rega rp1 and the use of extremely high quality components ensure that this turntable will last for many years.
the rega planar 1 turntable is the first in a new generation of rega turntables offering far greater performance than their predecessors. we are confident the performance of this amazing new product will impress you. rest assured the only thing entry level about the rega rp1 is the price!

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